Thursday, March 10, 2011

Its about time!

When I make things, its usually inspired by someone else. I'm really good at copying things (thank you tutorials) but not thinking up of things on my own. Here are some of the new things Ive made.

Our bedroom really needed some wall art (that's not ALL it needs right now) so I searched and searched and found this those are the exact colors in the room and I loved the flower. This is what I ended up with:
I love how these colors look together. P.S. if you see any blue marks, its because it was my first time using those blue tracing markers... For some reason, my marks didn't disappear...
Ive seen these all over. Everyone has a different painting approach (spray paint/paint) I used the 89 cent paint at Michaels for the ones above and Martha Stewart pain from Home Depot for the ones below.
As you can see, it took me a WHILE to get to these... I bougth the vinyl and it kinda just sat there in my to do pile..
All I did for these was paint the canvas and then the vinyl.
Ta-Dah! Beautiful wall art!

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