Thursday, January 13, 2011

I love Home Depot (sometimes)

My dad had told me about how people ask for specific color paint and then dont come back to pick it up, so the store has to sell good quality paint at super cheap prices. Yesterday, we went to Home Depot to get paint for my craftroom. I was stuck between 3 colors that, no joke, we exactly the same! They were maybe a TINY bit different. I finally picked one and started walking towards the paint. I spotted the rack where they put the paint mentioned above and started looking through it to see if there were any nice colors. Long behold! the color that I had picked was magicaly on the bottom row!! I saved 24 dollars! Yay me! This is the look im going for, for my craft room:
This is Heather Baileys studio! Too cute! I also wanted a dresser/armoir/china cabinet with no doors like the one in the picture so I went to a thrift store yesterday and found the PERFECT one! I just gotta paint it white.

I can't wait until its all done!

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